Thursday, July 17, 2008

Earth Path Artisans Stree Team Gypsy Design Challenge!!!

The EarthPath Artisans Street Team (EAST) is having a Gypsy Design Challenge! Team members have taken their interpretation of what the word "Gypsy" conjures up for them, and created new pieces in a variety of media.The purpose of this challenge is not to win prizes or compete with each other; rather, it's a way to build team camaraderie and inspire us to explore new themes and stretch our creative muscles. And for the winner, it means a little extra attention from an adoring public! Winners will be posted on the blog and on Etsy.So stop by the EAST Challenge page on Flickr see pictures of the entries, and then go vote at the EAST blog can also see many of the entries in the members' shops by visiting the team shop's favorite items page.

Sadly I joined after the Gypsy Design Challenge was announced..though perhaps it is a good things ince the word 'gypsy' evokes so many different types of images in my head. There is the semi-wild nomadic, brightly colored woman with exotic aspects, and then there are the gypsy/travelling people that are throughout Ireland and Europe who loathe those whom they call 'settled people'.

At any rate - I voted, though it was difficult for me to choose what said 'gypsy' to me most. Freedom, beauty - the ability to take my few precious things on the road....

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